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Siboasi 213 s electr

Siboasi 213 s electr Siboasi 213 s electr


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€ 975,00
Samen met een Nederlandse partner presenteren we een gamma bespanmachine's

You cannot string a tennis racket more comfortably than with this machine. The stringing system has the most modern settings, including: “constant pull”, “pre-stretch” with a choice of 10/15/20% extra tension, accurate to 0.1kg, 3 different speeds of tightening, 3 preferred settings for kg and a knot-function. In addition, the string is simply placed in the “fast locker” with just behind, the button for pulling the string. The amount of kg on the string is continuously displayed during the pull. Therefore, the machine does not need to be calibrated and keeps the pulling till the right kg’s has been reached. It also warns when the string has come to the end without reaching the set amount of kg. The racket is clamped at 6 points (2 inside the frame and 4 outside) and has 5 finger fixed pliers that distribute the pressure on the string, these are suitable for tennis / badminton / squash rackets. The machine is only available as a table model.
Machine is black, self-calibrating and includes an extensive tool set.

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